Economic Feasibility Studies

Economic Feasibility Study is an analysis that takes all of a project’s relevant factors into account Investors use Economic Feasibility Studies to discern the pros and cons of undelaying project before they invest a lot of time and money.


INCOME Marketing team of experts and consultants provide investors thoroughly understand of all project aspect addressing where and how it will operate; identifying potential obstacles and recognize the amount of funding needed to get the business up and running stream.

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Marketing Feasibility Study

Marketing Feasibility Study is the first phase of the economic feasibility study; prioritize between investment opportunities and their expected revenues, also to determine the extent market responding to the idea of the new project. And based on this study the appropriate decision is taken to continue in the feasibility study.

INCOME Marketing Team of experts provide investors thoroughly Target market investigation and understanding, which result in setting the optimal project structure and then estimate the expected revenue .

Financial Feasibility Study

Financial Feasibility Study is one of the pillars of rational investment decision making. It is considered one of the most critical phases of the economic feasibility study; which based on the investment decision to proceed with the project, measure the commercial profitability, and identify the sources and structure of proposed funding for the project.

INCOME Marketing team of experts measures the project’s ability to meet its obligations over its useful life, recover the cost of investments during an acceptable recovery period, and balance the required financial needs with financial sources.