International Professional Associations

INCOME Marketing Membership in International Professional Associations

Alliance of International Market Research Institutes:

The England-based Alliance of International Market Research Institutes (AIMRI) is one of the biggest worldwide international association with more than (117) members from (37) different countries; leading institutes, centers, and worldwide market research organizations.

This association – founded in England in 1991- confined its membership to the
leading market researches companies in Europe. However, in 1998, the scope of membership expanded to include remarkable and distinguished new members in the field of market researches all over the world.

To provide high quality marketing feasibility studies and market researches in
accordance with the international criteria, INCOME Marketing made huge effort to meet the necessary requirements to be qualified to join this international association “AIMRI” In March 2002, INCOME Marketing became a member of the Alliance of International Market Research Institutes as the first Egyptian and Arab
Company to join.

The European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research:

Since 1948 ESOMAR encourages, advances, elevates market research worldwide, and promote the highest standards in market research in order to improve decision making processes in all economic sectors. ESOMAR established International Code on Market and Social Research for its members making sure that members are following the high market research standards.


By August 2011 INCOME Marketing became a member in ESOMAR, following
ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Researches.