Economic Consulting

الإستشارات الإقتصادية

1- Economic Trends

Economic Trends are Non-periodic reports provide specialized economic and market analyses at both sectorial and macro levels, as well as relevant regional and international developments which have impacts on the Egyptian economy.

INCOME Marketing Team of experts analyze the performance and trends of economic and sectorial indicators, define opportunities and threats of the economic sectors, determined strengths and weaknesses of the economic enterprises by using academic analysis models, Finally develop scenarios which expect the future performance of the economic indicators.

2- Economic Shots

Economic Shots Provide Periodic reports specialized and focused analyses on economic updates, events or developments which happen at Egyptian, regional and international scale that have an impact on the Egyptian economy.

INCOME Marketing Team of experts observe the latest developments and emergency events in the economy in order to determine their direct and indirect impacts on the business environment and consumers behavior, as well as monitor the reactions and responding by the key players in the economy.

3- Real-Estate Follows

Real-Estate Follows is a Periodic reports which meant to provide more comprehensive, accurate and detailed picture of developments that happened within the Egyptian real estate sector. Besides, monitoring the most important news and press reports of the real estate sector monthly.

INCOME Marketing Team of experts provide the full picture of the latest developments in the real estate sector by following news:
– Investment and real estate development
– Urban planning.
– Mortgage.
– Prices of building materials and real estate
– Real estate Exporting.
– Real estate difficulties
– New cities and propositions

4- Trends & Forecasting

Trends & Forecasting include Non-periodic reports include specialized sectorial studies at the micro-economic level through analyzing supply and trends Predicting future scenarios of market indicators’ behavior.

INCOME Marketing Team of experts provide focused economic analysis on the performance, define factors that influence market analyze the companies’ performance in the market as well as predict future scenarios of market indicators’ behavior.