Market Research Consulting

1- Market Opportunities & Innovations

Studying Market Potential Opportunities and Innovation aims to identify the threats and opportunities expected in the target market. This analysis provide the right balance between competitive trends and meeting the needs of potential customers targeted to certain product or service.

INCOME Marketing team of experts examine five core customer and market place concepts:
A- Needs, Wants &Demands
B- Products &Sevices
C- Value, Satisfaction &Quality
D- Exchange, Transactions &Relationships
E- Markets

2- Brand & Customer Experience

Studying Customer Experience With Brands aims to identify the customer behavior that moves the final and actual purchasing decisions.

INCOME Marketing Team of experts and consultants promote brands by analyzing and optimizing the customer experience that drives purchasing decisions, as well as long-term customers connections.

3- Measuring Customer Satisfaction (Mental Image)

Customer Satisfaction indicates the fulfillment that customer receive from doing business with the firm, in other words; its how happy the customers are with their experience with the company.

Satisfied customs buy again and tell others about their good experience, dissatisfied customers often switch to competitors and disparage the product to others.

INCOME Marketing team of experts uses customer satisfaction metric to quantify the degree to which customers is happy with a product , service , or experience.

4- Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper poses as normal customer to check on any aspect of the customer experience, and quality of service received.

Mystery Shopper service aim to audit objectively and administratively, report confidentially on the services and procedures, finally evaluate the performance of company employees.

INCOME Marketing team of experts evaluate the extent organization’s employees commitment to provide the services according to the required specifications and to evaluate employee performance and qualifications providing the service, in order to ensure that the company’s marketing plan is followed as required.

5- Competition Analysis

Competition Market Analysis is an identification and evaluating of competitor’s strengths and weaknesses points, recognizing what makes your brand unique from competitors.

INCOME Marketing team of experts recognize your competitors and evaluate their marketing strategies to determine brand’s strengths and weaknesses points in order to benefit and reach the target customer segment with better offers than competitors.