Marketing Strategy & Planning

1- Marketing Strategy

Designing a customer-driven Marketing Strategy aim to targeting the most suitable customer segment by analyzing, studying and well understanding the market place and customer needs in order to build profitable relationships.


INCOME Marketing team of experts provide the evaluation of company current position and understand the target market tricks in order to attract, keep, and grow target customers and creating, delivering, and communication superior customer value.

إعداد الإستراتيجيات والخطط التسويقية

2- Marketing Plan (Building Customer Value)

Preparing an integrated Marketing Plan and program aims to reach the target customer segments through combination of interconnected tools to deliver the added value to target customers:

INCOME marketing team of experts provide deep understanding and evaluate the current marketing mix in order to choose the right marketing mix and customer positioning.

3- On going Marketing Strategy (Evaluation & Control)

Implementation, Evaluation & Control are the three marketing strategy efficiency substrates; remove one and the strategy falls apart, and the strategy won’t succeed.

INCOME Marketing team of experts provide a patch of evaluation and control service that makes sure that strategy achieve its marketing targets.